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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome to SuperMom Scrappin

Hi, SuperMom here! I am excited to share with you my favorite links, kits, layouts, contests, and sooo much more. Why SuperMom? Well, my kids are very imaginative and have been creating SuperHeroes since they were tiny. Mostly thanks to SuperDad who loves to sketch characters, watch comic movies or cartoons and read comics. Plus choosing that as a name gave me a chance to really play and have fun with the title on my blog!

So be sure to check back and see what is new, what's happening and get involved! Here are 2 things you will want to check out!

1. MajorTigger Scraps--she is new to digital designing and has amazing talent. Check out her freebies and enjoy her blog. Just BEWARE--if you are a PIRATE (and not in the fun Johnny Depp/Geoffry Rush manner) your cyberboat will sink! :)
MajorTigger Scraps

2. Four HUGE kits to buy that is a benefit for a dear woman who's husband died suddenly leaving her with three darling boys to care for. The sets are all called My Three Boys and were put together by the 3Scrapateers design team. Lots of gorgeous items with all money going to help this newly single mom and her wonderful boys....check it out here:
Hybrid Products
Brag Book
Super Mega Kit


  1. Too cool!! Looks awesome! I love that layout of T. That jeans pocket is awesome. I need to scan some denim and do some fiddling...

  2. Congratulations, Amberlee. Your blog looks fantastic. It is so nice of you to link to the sfor Kerri and her 3 sons.

    Love your layouts and the name of your blog. Super cute!

    Big Hugs!