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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Words, More Artists!

I loved the gold one so much I thought I would create it in silver as well.

Can I say I hate the State of Michigan? We went on Saturday to get my PA driver's license but we were turned away because the State of MI is CLOSED on Saturdays. Nice, eh? So not only did we have to drive all that way (PA doesn't have Sec of State offices or DMV offices everywhere, only in select places....) we wasted 4 hours doing so.... *sigh* So my DH is working from home today so we can go out there and try again. I am not thrilled about it, but that is the way it works.

I wanted to show off some other family talent. This pic is a bit old, but I think it is well done. My eldest child is an artist. His goals in life include creating comics (he created his first super hero at age 2--Egg Man....yes really and it was quite well thought out....). But here is one I actually have a jpg of. A drawing of Iron Man before the movie version.

He has since done some amazing versions of the new Iron Man. I will get some of them up soon. He has been reading A LOT about how to break into comics. So now we *have* to go to Comic Con. LOL Go figure. :)

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  1. Well of COURSE MI is closed on Saturdays! You wouldn't expect them to actually SERVE the public do you? We were there for THEIR benefit and we really cut in on their coffee breaks when we actually expected something in return for our tax money. LOL And that's why we left! Great looking metal words. I'm two days ahead on blogging. I'm going to go rest. GRIN