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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sad, shocked and overwhelmed...segue

Friday night is date night. We had the sitter in place, we had a movie chosen, we had miscommunication, we worked it out. We make it to the movie theater and they are unable to take our credit card, debit card or entertainment card (which we had purchased from Giant Eagle to get 30 cents off a gallon of gas...). We decide to talk to the manager and he calls the company, finds the card is full, gives us 2 tickets and our change and we were off to see The Dark Knight.

I knew this was Heath Ledger's last full film... I knew it would be a bit darker than the first movie in this Batman series. I knew the performances would be amazing, the actors would be perfect. They were a little too perfect and this movie is much much darker than expected. The Joker wasn't just psychotic, he was realistic. He was so real I could see many things that happened in this movie happening for real. By the middle of the movie I couldn't move. I was frozen to my seat. I could only shut my eyes when I remembered how to. There was no release, almost no hope by the end and I will never ever see this movie again. We will not buy it for our home. Although there was no blood, no "gore" and no swearing that I can remember it was also the most graphic and intense movie EVER given a PG-13 rating and IMHO it should have been R rated. If it had been R rated we would have avoided it. My husband, ever the gentleman, was so engrossed he didn't think about asking if I wanted to leave.....when he saw my face at the end when the lights went up he suddenly realized the movie had been to much for me as well. He was completely in shock for the last 1/2 of the movie himself. It was like seeing yourself moving into a car wreak and not being able to get yourself free. When he saw my face he couldn't stop apologizing, not sure what I looked like, but I know what I felt like. Everything was sucked out of me......

I have always loved drama, especially thrillers and psychological stuff, but this was over the psych top! I hurt for the people, I hurt for every character....It was like watching the terrorist videos where they take a soldier or journalist hostage, torture and kill them on screen for all to see. Thankfully the movie never showed the killing in that graphic, bloody, horror method...but it did show fear and death.....we knew from the sounds, from the looks, from the after shot.

I mourn the loss of a talented actor. I wonder if he agonized over this part as it took him over. In the movie there is no trace of Heath, only the Joker. The evil that he was able to portray saddens me as I have seen that evil look before. It made the movie overwhelming. We came home and watched Pixar's Cars to lighten things and remember there is always hope....

Just being with my hubby, children and "babysitter"/adopted brother watching Cars made it easy to remember that love and hope are always there around the corner, in the clouds, waiting to burst forth when you least expect it. I have to cling to those memories.


I have also joined the "Art Army" as you can see to the right. I am working on creating a few offline things have have been popping into my head since reading the first few chapters of my new FAVORITE book, by the authors of Visual Chronicles, Journal Revolutions!!!!

I can't wait to take photos and add them to my blog. I am working on "things I have seen".....I have played with paper and paint....photos and glitter....and many things inbetween! I hope you will come back to see more.


  1. I haven't seen that movie and I really haven't had the desire to either. I'm sorry you had to be subjected to Hollywierd's notion of "this is how it SHOULD have been made". I really preferred Jack Nicholson's Joker. He brought class and even elegance to the role of the Joker. I don't want or need realism in a movie. I want to escape and be entertained. Unfortunately Hollywierd has forgotten what entertainment is. Maybe we should buy them all dictionaries and the MGM film library from the 1940's. Nah! They wouldn't understand it. They'd just want to remake everything the way they think it should have been made in the first place.

  2. I agree with ALL of the ABOVE!!! I am SO glad I stopped by on my way to preparing for tonight's post on my blog Amberlee!

    I, too, am sorry that you were subjected to such HORRIFIC drama and I know it being Heath Ledger's final film that I had hoped to see it as well, however, you have saved me the time and money!

    I don't watch much television (rather be creating) and I only learned of Heath's tragic end after a reboot and MSN opening up with it listed as a TOP story for the day.

    I was saddened as I never saw Brokeback Mountain and Robert and I simply remember him as a MOST wonderful actor who played Mel Gibson's oldest son in The Patriot.

    We watch that move periodically and the intensity of his character is SO well acted out by Heath. In reading tributes to him, I found that he was VERY selective of his roles and that he did, indeed, put all of himself into each of them.

    As you mentioned, did the role of the Joker overcome him? There surely much be a line that one can cross in acting as well as any other area of life. Still, so sad.

    On a HAPPIER note, I cannot wait to see what you've been up to and if I don't catch it right away, would you please come and HOLLER at me??? ROFL!

    Three more weeks from today is Joan's wedding. I have to hunt for photos tonight and tomorrow and get them scanned and e-mailed to her right away! I am SO excited on one hand and on the other, will be relieved when she and Travis have said, I DO! LOL!

    Take care sweetie and I'll catch you later.

    Linda :)