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Monday, January 19, 2009


If the whole team plays for the Super Bowl the way Troy Polamalu played last night for the AFC Championship we should have no problems winning a 6th Super Bowl. I could have kissed him when just seconds after I turned to my family and said, " What we need right now is an interception" and as if he heard me the big defender JUMPED into the air, caught the ball, and ran it for a touch down with our entire family jumping and screaming the entire run! It was so beautiful! Don't get me wrong, I love our entire team, but last night he stole our hearts, and the ball, and had us hooked! Not only did he intercept for a touchdown, NO, he pulled off 3 interceptions and made the most PERFECT tackles I have ever seen. Just beautiful! So here is my tribute to Polamalu -- AFC Champ, Super Bowl Bound!!!!

Congrats to the entire Pittsburgh team! Looking forward to the Bowl! In fact, I am working on some Steelers papers for anyone interested. Keep your eye out for them.

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