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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Major Slump

I have been in a Major slump ever since November. My eldest turned 13....3Scrapateers was closing, then not closing....my computer has been giving me issues and haven't had money to get it put back together again. I haven't felt like scrapping or doing anything arty...

Enter Major Tigger Scraps and New Years. We talked, crafted, laughed and got me back on track. Pretty exciting. I have been doing collages here with my dd....I have been thinking a lot about ease of use for things like ATCs and mini albums. So I am working on some new things for you. Have you all heard of Inchies? I am working on some cool sheets FULL of inches to be used in your altered art and collage projects....or scrapbooking endeavors.

It looks like I may have my computer fixed by the end of January....so hang in there if I am sporadic in blogging. I have cool things in the works. Thanks to MTS for getting me going again.


  1. It shall be SO nice to have you back again Amberlee!!!

    Hmmm ... I though MAC's didn't have issues!!! What happened?

    Although, I would buy a MAC in a heartbeat, I've not the funds to even consider it as yet. I took ALL the pennies I had a bought a new Dell. My older one is four years old and I've not troubles with it until my new virus software failed to cover me the first week after purchase several months ago! UGH!

    Anyhoo, three weeks into the new system, the hard drive fails and I'd just transferred over 200+ GB's of data to burn as I had burning issues with Nero on the older one! LOL! SO, here I am, starting ALL over again, but as ALL things happen for a purpose, I'm more knowledgeable in the techinal area and can help my mom's computer as her hard drive has failed as well!

    WELCOME BACK darlin' and I can't wait to see what you have to share with ALL of us in SCRAPLAND!!! WOO HOO!

    Love atcha,
    Linda *hearts*

  2. This mac is 5 years old and the battery has stopped charging! That and the charging cord has a short in it, so it isn't even the mac itself, it is the equipment keeping it charged!