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Monday, March 2, 2009

More exciting news!

Life just keeps getting better and better. Some of you may know I have another addiction....I am addicted to FIBER! Yarns of all shapes and sizes. I love to knit and crochet. Well I have to tell you what I got to do this weekend. I got to meet the funny, amazing, fantabulous Franklin Habit. He has written the most adorable book called "It Itches" which includes adorable cartoons and fun essays from his knitting world. Franklin is the most amazing lace knitter I have ever seen! (hum, sounds like a song parody just waiting to happen..."Amazing Lace") Just look at this! I got to drool on this in person--up close and personal. It is the most gorgeous shade of racy red. OOooooo....

I couldn't help myself. There I was, almost 6ft tall and well...."Fluffy" as Gabriel Iglesias likes to say....and the shawl called to me....no, it screamed "TOUCH ME". I was polite, I did ask if I could touch it. Of course he was gracious (hopefully not afraid for his life as I am larger than life baby!)and said I could. He then donned his nightcap that he had knit from an 18th century pattern he deciphered. He signed my copy of his book in a handwritten script that would make you all jealous! (Even his handwriting is perfect. *sigh*) Well, if he got to wear the hat for our pic together, I got to wear the shawl. And there we are, too adorable for our own good. LOL I am just happy I made him laugh!

Don't worry, my hubby didn't mind. He understands this fiber lust, he can't help but touch all the alpaca, angora and merino skeins when we visit our favorite yarn shop, Natural Stitches.

To Franklin, don't worry, my adoration isn't an obsession or some love sickness, it is more of the sisterly love one would have for a knitter of your caliber. It is a hope that I could learn and grow and maybe, just maybe, eventually knit one fourth as well as you do! Thanks for a wonderful day and for your humor that hits the spot.

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  1. Girl, what an AWESOME day you have had!!! That lace IS gorgeous and I LOVED reading about your adventures and the photo ROCKS!

    Hmmmm .... my friend who ADORES purple is now, "the lady in RED"! MWAH!

    Have a LOVELY week ahead and I'll be thinking of you as you continue displaying your skills at Scrap Matters!

    Linda :)