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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Usually I am a "Not until after Thanksgiving" kind of girl. I don't even want to look at decorations let alone listen to Christmas music until then. WHY? Because it has become so commercialized that people have lost the true meaning of the holiday.

This year is different. I want to decorate NOW! I am humming songs, watching Christmas movies and designing cards, layouts and more. What is going on here!!!! I think it is because I know that I don't care about the stores and what the world is doing to the holiday, but that I have the spirit and am ready to DO something with it. I have knitted items to take for the Women's shelter, I have started creating our Christmas decorations for in the living room and here are a few of the layouts I am prepping for the photos!!!

The above scraplet was created using Deanna Patterson's Gingerbread Man kit and the one below was using her Winter's Night scrapkit both found at Shabby Scrap Designs.

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