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Monday, December 21, 2009

A Blog Award

It is always nice to be noticed and recognized for something you love to do. I was given an award by MajorTigger if you haven't seen her work be sure to hop on over there and take a peek.

5 Things about me:

1. I love being involved with theater and music. There is something wonderful about transforming into someone else for a show that just feels good.

2. I am a survivor. I have stared evil and death in the face, fought fiercely and won.

3. I am a loyal friend and love my close friends dearly.

4. I live life with a passion in all things. I am very passionate--love, anger, happiness, cooking, crafting, everything is done with gusto! :)

5. I love to hibernate in the winter! I could spend the whole day snuggled up under blankets reading to kids or watching movies or documentaries with them. Or cooking over a warm stove/oven! If we aren't crafting or learning, we are hibernating--although still learning! lol

Five blogs I love (other than MajorTigger as she gave me the award and is so incredibly amazing there are no words...although maybe Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious would work) in no particular order:

Linda Walton/Bon Scrapatit: For being a cheerleader, confidence builder and great digi-scrap friend, Linda has "been there, done that" and can send cyber hugs to boost you up. She is also an amazing designer!

Kiki Halbert Design
: This "up and coming" designer worked for 3S when I was there and I always enjoyed her work. She is fun and always creating! Thanks Kiki for choosing me for your CT Team, I am loving it!

Rina Kroes
: Rina is a fabulous person and wonderful designer. I originally met her at 3S and have followed her work ever since. She is sweet, kind and very talented.

Deanna Patterson: When 3S was closing, Deanna gave me a place to hang my layout designer hat. She has helped me see that I am a designer and have an eye for layouts....even some of my stranger ones...I can be unique and myself and she loves it. I appreciate her friendship and her design skills.

Kimmi Stewart: This designer has been through so much...maybe that is why I love all these designers so much--we all can relate and empathize with each other while pushing and encouraging each other on to victory! :) Kimmi's designs are always a joy to work with. She is fantastic!

If you haven't gone to check out these wonderful woman and designers please do. Read through some of their blog posts, get to know them and then thank them. Their designs help layout artists like myself to grow and create.

As for Major Tigger, I want to thank her again for this award. This has been a difficult year in many ways and I don't think I could have gotten through it without her honesty, friendship, caring and wit/humor. I am thankful that we met 10 years ago and that she has let me into her "loner" world of art and vision. She has given me so much inspiration, hope and confidence--I hope she realizes what a blessing she has been in my life. Great Big Cyber Hugs from SuperMom!

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