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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SCF--Snow Cold Funk

What is it about this weather that makes me so miserable? Is it just the cold and snow? Maybe the bleak days with no sun and never knowing for sure what time of day it is because it all looks the same? Bleh!

I have a secret.....I have SCF. Snow Cold Funk. It is kind of like SAD but it only happens when there is lots of snow and no sun. I never thought of myself as a depressed person, I love being alive and fight to remain so...but dang this weather is killing me! LOL

So my newly minted crafting room has a fresh coat of Mango color on the wall to give me inspiration (they say orange tones do that) and to give me a bit of a tropical flavor to this gloomy January.

That is one of the little desk area....not completely little...but so nice. I am working on getting the room all set up so that I can do all the things I love in here and have a place to put it all away! Now to just get a comfy chair! Still, I have gotten to do some digi-scrapping in here--lots of light during the day. Not sunny mind you, but daylight bounces off the snow too...HA!

See, I am trying to think warmer and these summer photos work well for that. I used Deanna Patterson's (Shabby Scrap Designs) Harvest Moon Mini for this June desktop layout. Ok enough for today. More this week!

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