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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Altered Art-recycled

Over on Smeared and Smudged we have been discussing various things that we alter. There are fairly "normal" things like books and boxes...there are interesting items like light switch plates and there are recycled items such as license plates or packaging. I wanted to share with you something I did recently with packaging.

Here is what the package looked like.

I bought a bunch of fun beads and upon opening one I thought "Hum, wouldn't this be a great frame for a project I am working on?". So I painted it with this awesome copper paint from Jaquard (they make pearl ex powders) and voila--this is what I got:

Now I just need to finish it up with a photo and maybe some texture. Still not bad for a free chipboard frame!

Come back tomorrow to see who the winner is!


  1. Can't wait to see where this ends up!!!!

  2. Lookin good so far!! Can't wait to see what it becomes!!