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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today's Inspirational Sites

I have been looking for something different.

I do product reviews, create layouts from kits, and use a lot of "mainstream" scrapbooking because that is what is "expected" of me. But that really isn't where my heart is when it comes to creating my layouts. I can be a bit goofy, toss a bit of the "everyday" or "mundane" into my personal layouts. I tend to have a different view of the world as it is.

I can be a great chameleon when it comes to scrapping because I have clients with varied tastes. I put myself inside their heads, get a feel for their style and POOF! I have layouts. But the type of things I LOVE are very different. Unique. Here is a blog for you to check out today. She is AMAZING! I love how she changes her hair color on a whim and how her work is beautiful and full of life!


Next on today's list:

Visual Chronicles/Journal Revolution

I loved their first book, Visual Chronicles, and it looks like the next book, Journal Revolution, is out and ready to inspire! Sweet!

And one last piece of fun...If you are in need of a boost, a kick, a.....DARE??? This is the place to go. There are a handful of Dares waiting for you to read and scrap. It will help get you motivated, look at things differently and maybe pull you from your rut. So enjoy:


Tomorrow I plan to put together a lovely list of FABULOUS Freebies available, see you there!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. Amberlee!!! I hope this day is FILLED with ALL things GOOD and LOTS of LOVE from ALL AROUND YOU!!!

    I LOVE your NEW blog and I am going to link you on mine.

    You are being wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on my SCROLLING MARQUEE along with Ms. Tammy Dunlap today!!!

    Isn't it AMAZING how many of us have birthdays this month!!!

    I'm gettin' dizzy just thinking about ALL of them!!!

    Stop by and visit me and I shall put you on my MUST-READ list over the weekend.

    Linda (Bon Scrapatit Designs)