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Friday, June 13, 2008

Freebies Freebies everywhere! (and doomsday survived!)

First, we survived doomsday! I had a great birthday and am getting ready to party like it is Friday the 13th! Hee Hee
I got new speakers -- Bose even...they are small and inexpensive but they ROCK! I got 2 movies (Pirates 3 and Indy 1...), two wonderful new scrapbook magazines and my food scale. So I can finally listen to my iTunes again! Hooray. Ok on to free stuff.

So many amazing freebies, so little space! LOL Here are some amazing blogs and sites ( no particular order) where you can get fabulous freebies! If you look in my sidebar you will see many of these there because I visit a lot now!

1. 3Scrapateers There is a forum of freebies and always something going on at 3Scrapateers--One for fun and fun for all!

2. Irene's Scrapbook blog is full of gorgeous designs and freebies. She is completely amazing!

3. Britt-ish Designs -- I have fallen in love with her site, kits, designs. How fun. Right now she has a beautiful wedding kit free on her blog so be sure to grab it QUICK!

4. Scrappy Pony Designs are you a horse lover? know a cowboy? Have a darling cowgirl or cowboy child in your life? This store is fantastic! She has gorgeous horses and kits as well as 10 freebies to snatch up. Giddy UP!

5. Elegant WordArt are you looking for just the right quote? Hoping to find lovely word art, then this is the place to go. She has great freebies and is willing to get you a commercial license at really decent rates. Or go to her store and get the packs and the license all at once for really good prices!

6. Bon Scrapatit! A dear friend and newer designer, she has freebies usually daily.

7. Ikea Goddess Love freebies but hate wading through long lists? Ikea Goddess chooses a few freebies each day for you to pick from (or snag them all!).

8. Two Peas in a Bucket has LOTS of gorgeous freebies and a lot of hybrid digi/paper stuff. They are a full service paper scrapping place and have digital designers on board as well. Enjoy.

9. MajorTigger Scraps Last and certainly NOT least is my best friend and designer extraordinnaire! She has only just begun to design, but she is amazing....you should see all her hybrid work! WOW! She has freebies that are fun and lovely. She has more ideas than time and her blog is fun! Just don't be a pirate....she doesn't like pirates in the least!

So there are 8 wonderful places to start. I will add more in the future. Have a wonderful Friday the 13th!

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  1. OHHHHH is the page planner mag any good? I ALMOST bought it yesterday! LOL...

    thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to say THANKYOU. It really means a lot!