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Monday, July 14, 2008

Long Day!

Well we left at 10ish and got home by 1ish. Then did a quick inventory, piled back into the van, went to post office, Soc Sec office (need my card so I can get a license), then to the store for some basics and home to the poor kitties wondering if we would EVER come home to stay. Had a blast with MajorTigger watching her BURN BABY BURN digi paper..... way cool You gotta go check it out over there. It's FREE!

My only problem right now is that my glasses were left behind at her house....can you say DUH! or DOH! *sigh* I will have some wonderful things for the blog in a day or two. I need to get my hard drive hooked up and use my desktop computer for a bit though. In the mean time a couple lovely pics from vacation:

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