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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where did Tuesday go?

I completely missed it! I am not quite sure how. I know I got up and did lots of things...but it just passed me right by.

I worked on digi layouts, I worked on the books I am creating for someone else....I know I cooked and cleaned and got dressed and went out last night. I just seem to have missed part of my day.

I had a mother/daughter date last night. Chick-fil-A was having a special "Under the Sea" event. It was a great surprise for my daughter who had NO CLUE what we were doing. The played Little Mermaid, she got free food with the purchase of my salad and drink...she got ice cream to decorate with M&Ms and yummy stuff. Then we made foamy crafts AND the balloon lady (who ROCKED btw) made her a little mermaid balloon and I got a dolphin! Talk about amazing check out these pics!

Yes, Chick-Fil-A ,for those who don't know, have a COW for a mascot. Her shirt says Smart Kids Eat Mor Chicken.

I don't think she stopped smiling the entire evening. We didn't stay for the whole movie--the AC was sooooo cold we were both frozen! So we walked to Target across the way, picked up a couple things for friends who were unable to go with us last night, then walked to Barnes and Noble. (we didn't start to warm up till we got to target just less than 1/4 mile). We walked maybe 1/3 to 3/4 of a mile all together, so yeah for me!

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