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Friday, August 1, 2008

Lose the Scraps

I wanted to invite anyone interested to check out this blog: Lose the Scraps

It is a blog for anyone who wants to lose weight or just get support for going low carb, exercising more, etc. I want to share my journey back to health with all of you and am willing to research and put up great info for everyone to look at. If you have never thought of low carb as an option or heard it is "bad" for you, be sure to look into who has done the research you are hearing about. A lot of times it is a company who has a lot to lose if you stop eating their over-processed, carb intensive products.

I will have recipes, links to other great sites (low carb and otherwise) and just my observations and feelings throughout the process. I have lost around 50 lbs so far and am feeling GREAT! The pain and swelling I normally have is much better as well. So feel free to swing by! The more the merrier.

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