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Monday, August 4, 2008

August, the busiest ever!

I spent the weekend finishing these adorable mini books for a customer, and promptly forgot to take photos! *sigh* Then I cleaned up so we could at least enjoy a Sunday meal together.

Today the table is covered yet again as I work on my mother's wedding album. She is getting married this Saturday and we are driving there. YIKES, another long trip. The following weekend we are driving our dear friend/brother to the temple in Washington, DC so he can get ready to go on a mission. He has been called to Ogden--wow! He is the second young man we know called this year. Our other friend is in Sweeden. Ya, sure, you betcha. LOL

I noticed that Major Tigger is off on a dog trip, and really wish I could blog along and create a lot of really cool stuff, but I am so busy i don't have time to myself. I am too busy doing laundry for the trip, helping kids with math, helping create lapbooks AND my mom's album. SIGH. I will be happy when August is over.

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