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Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Wedding that almost wasn't....

I should preface this with the fact my mom has been sick for over a week...seen a doctor, been given meds and told she would be fine in a couple days. Unfortunately the meds weren't working right and she ended up in ER today. The wedding was supposed to start at 4pm, but they didn't put the IV in until 3pm. To say the night was stressed is an understatement. The wedding finally went forward at 7pm. Many guests left and came back at 6, some couldn't stay, some showed up about when the reception would have started normally. The said the "I do's", they stayed for the basics of the night. Mom didn't want to go till it was over she probably should have, but she really wanted to visit with everyone.....I am really worried for her, she just wasn't herself all weekend. I know nerves were a big part of it, but still. There has to be something more. I hope her doctor will be able to figure it out. Maybe take her off some medications or find the issue. I can't sleep thinking about it and we have to drive home tomorrow. Another 7 or 8 hours! Whoo hoo.... *sigh*


  1. Oh dear! I hope your mom is feeling better soon! You take it easy and get some rest. I'll be thinking about you all.

  2. Oh wow Amberlee I hope she is much better soon.