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Monday, October 27, 2008


One week of wondering what to do....one week of feeling sad and blue....one week of thinking of all the things we've come to love about our digi-scrapping community....one week to find that they *may* be staying open after all.

Now it will be a few days of wondering what that means for the creative team, mods, home team and designers. Are they going to want us all? Will many designers go away or will the bulk of them stay? I don't know the answers but I am willing to wait and see what happens.

In the mean time I will take some time off from scrapping to rest my swollen right hand. Try not to do to much computer stuff. Hope the coming storms will go quickly so I won't be in as much pain and having the sarcoidosis acting up. Grumble. I am such a fighter. I fight it daily. I keep telling it I won't let it be in charge and I am going to do what *I* want to do. It doesn't always listen. But then, neither do I. I don't always listen and then I have to take a day or two off. *sigh*

The PILs and SIL are coming the week of Thanksgiving and we are so excited! DH has the week off so we can sightsee and have some fun. For now, we will work on deep cleaning and getting through costume making for Halloween. Check out the basic suit my DS has created!!! This will be Optimus Prime colors soon. We did a white base coat.

See you all later!

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