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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bon Scrapatite Designs

My dear friend Linda from Bon Scrapatit Designs will be featured on my blog this week. She has such GORGEOUS kits! I love the new Valentine's kit called "Love Me Tender". Here is my first layout from this set.

If you go to Snowsmoon Designs you can find a lovely free Quick Page made from Bon Scrapatit's Love Me Tender set. Be sure to leave them all lots of love!

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  1. OMGosh, I am SOOOOO sorry I missed this posting too! SHEESH, I HAVE had quite a month, haven't I? LOVE my blog roll, but gosh, if I'm not in checking my blog regularly I'm not going to catch everyone's updates now am I? *blush*

    This is such a LOVELY layout of some VERY beautiful ladies Amberlee! I LOVE your use of layers, the embellishments and the choice of a circle for cropping your FABULOUS photo!

    Thank you SO much for creating this WONDERFUL masterpiece using my designs Amberlee. I am QUITE honored!

    Again, I am SO happy to hear that you are working with Deanna! She and I are both designers at the now, NEW, One Single Seed.

    I am SOOOOO far behind with everything and many times wonder whether I am to continue, as there is NEVER a dull moment! However, being the persistent and MOST determined person, I am NOT throwing in the towel quite yet! He, he ...

    If you are still interested in performing some layout artistry for me, I would be MOST honored to have you sweetie.

    I am working on putting together a network for a combined CT with two of my VERY dear friends and INCREDIBLE designers, both of whom you are familiar with as well from our days at 3Scrapateers.

    If you are, hit me up on Yahoo and if I am here, I will answer right back or as soon as I return.

    Wishing you and the family a MOST wonderful weekend!

    Linda :)