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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Steelers Win the SuperBowl!!!

I had tears in my eyes as the beautiful and talented Jennifer Hudson sang the National Anthem. Her clear tones and gorgeous high notes were an honor to have as the opening of the SuperBowl. I know how difficult it must have been to be there without her dear family. I felt blessed to hear her sing something so precious and dear to our country and Super Bowl tradition. She was completely amazing from head to toe.

By now you know the Steelers won. The kids want to go to the parade when they have it. I guess it depends on where, when and how cold it will be. It was an amazing game with all the wonderful players stepping up their game. Of course we will never forget the 100 yard dash performed by #92, James Harrison! We couldn't hear the TV we were all cheering so loudly.

What about Santonio Holmes, #10, and his amazing ballet pointe catch? Not to mention all the other solid catches from Big Ben he snatched. He truly deserved the MVP of the SuperBowl. Ben Proved he was over his Super Bowl jitters and did a great job leading the team on the field. We know that without all the other wonderful players a 6th win wouldn't have been possible. So even though 3 seemed to have stolen the spotlight, don't worry we love all of you collectively and appreciate your hard work and dedication

So Pittsburgh turns 250 years old and the Steelers put the icing and candles on top of the cake. Thank you team for your hard work and turning what could have been a loss into an amazing 6th Super Bowl win. Although I am a transplant and not a PA or Pittsburgh native, I have always loved the Steelers. To actually be living here when they win their 6th....listening to the hoots, hollars, honking and more outside when the game was over...PRICELESS. So thank you again my dear Steelers. You worked hard and didn't stop playing till it was over.

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