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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Outside my comfort zone--BIG TIME!

I just had to do it.....I couldn't avoid it. I don't deal well with large groups of people since having children, among other things....but I just had to do this. I didn't melt down and I didn't completely lose it. I was able to breath (just kept looking up at the clear sky... My kids and husband were just as excited. That's right I went downtown!!! We were LIVE IN PERSON for the STEELERS parade.

My husband works 2 blocks from where the parade would pass. His boss said we could hang out there and stay warm before going down to "ground zero". People were gathering at 9am. The parade started at noon, but it took another 30 mins to get to us.

I had a small panic attack waiting for Jason to join us, but I did well. He got there just before noon (he had to do some work at least) and then we stood together as a family and cheered, waved our terrible towel, chatted with other Pittsburgers and waited for the marching bands and trucks with our beloved players.

My highlights were seeing Big Ben, as he video taped the crowd and waved at us, James Harrison, Chris Kemoeatu #68 and Our MVP Holmes....but the BEST part was Polamalu....not only was he shaking hands, waving and getting everyone going (unfortunately with his back to us the whole time!!! pout!) he made the truck stop at the intersection not far from us....gave a 1, 2, 3 with his fingers and dove into the crowd to crowd surf!!! I wish I had been on top of the parking garage for that photo opp! Too funny.

After the parade we went and ate lunch at Jason's work to warm up and rest our feet, then off to the downtown library for a couple of hours of looking for books (and knitting for me). Then back to get the man from work, across the bridge to the parking lot and a quick and easy (by rush hour standards) ride home. A wonderful day of family fun and togetherness, even if our feet felt like ice cubes. Here are a couple good shots we got. I will post more later. WE LOVE YOU STEELERS!

#68 Chris Kemoeatu

Big Ben and the Mayor

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  1. Oh girl, I was SOOOOO thinking about y'all while watching the game!!! Not ONLY did the Steelers win, but it was an AWESOME game and to come back and score in the final two minutes is NEVER to be forgotten!!!

    WOO HOO!

    I am SO glad you got to see the Steelers LIVE and that you fared VERY well in the city and amongst the crowd!!! A score for YOU personally to NEVER forget!

    You GO girl!

    Linda :)