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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wizard of Oz

It is a good thing I am in this show right now as the Wicked Witch, it will be so cathartic. I am able to get all that anger out on stage and really work toward healing myself. I love how quiet it has been since the phones were turned off a few months back. With the email being filtered right back to the offender that should help as well. I look forward to enjoying life and not feeling I have to conform to something someone else has designated. I wish I could have done that back in High School...but parents have all the authority and can keep you from dreams they may think are stupid or "wrong". One thing I have learned from having children of my own is that I am just a facilitator. I am not a dictator, I am not the one who has to live the life they choose. I am here to help them reach for the stars, find what they love and are passionate about. I am here to love them no matter what mistakes they make and not make them feel unworthy and less than 3rd class citizens. I am here to listen and hold them when they need. Take them to the library or auditions for a show, help them get the computer software they want, help them take classes, be there to give them advice when they ask.

I am not perfect, never will be, but I can strive for more....and give something better to my children.

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