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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

I am so excited! I have decided to create desktops for each month of next year and give them as a gift to my MIL. I had been keeping up on designing and sending them at the end of each month for the next months use....but I get behind (3 kids homeschooling, theater, TV show filmings....) and forget to work on them. So I am creating them now and will put them on a disk for giving to her for Christmas. They are coming to visit the 16th - 20th. I already know what my present is--they are helping me redesign the craft room! This room had a sink and cabinets in it (upstairs) and they are going to rip that out and help build some really cool stuff including a fold out table and this thing my hubby designed for my projects in progress (PIP). I can't wait to see how it turns out. What color should i paint the room??? Crafting should have something fun and not too overwhelming...hum

While we wait to see how it goes I will continue to post layouts here. First a few fab shots of my eldest son....Growing up so fast!

Or how about this young lady with her after Lock of Love hairdo?


  1. I just love her hair short like that. It's adorable! And don't worry about the popcorn....last time I went to GFS they had an 8 pound bag for 4 dollars. Pops better than any I've ever tried and with 8 pounds of popcorn...we'll be snaking for quite some time. LOL Ever have popcorn with butter and parmesan cheese?

  2. That's *snacking*, no plumbing work needed here. LOL