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Thursday, December 10, 2009


I have been working on scraplets for Christmas photos and am excited how they are turning out. The first one was made using Twas the Night and the last 2 were made using Wrapped Around Christmas both by Deanna Patterson of Shabby Scrap Designs.

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  1. Hi Amberlee!!!

    I just caught your blog post on my blog roll and jumped on over to say thank you for visiting and downloading *Floralessence*! It feels SO good to be back in Scrapland again and I hope it continues on into the new year!

    I am SO happy to see that y'all are staying healthy and enjoying the preparations of this MOST wondrous time of the year sweetie! LOVE your idea of desktop calendars on CD for your MIL and HOW exciting about the REDO of your crafting room!!! WOO HOO! That is TOO sweet and I just KNOW that you will share some photos with us when it's completed and decorated with your SPECIAL touch, right? ;-)

    Your babies are babies NO more! WOWSERS! All grown up and as BEAUTIFUL and HANDSOME as ever!

    Well, I am off to start designing my oldest daughter's wedding invitation ... NO pressure there! It just takes me FOREVER to settle on what it is I wish to do! SLOW brain cells I guess! LOL!

    Sending LOVE your way darlin' and a BIG hug along with a VERY Merry Christmas to you and your PRECIOUS family!

    Linda <3