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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A new day

So here we are, it's Wednesday--middle of the week. It is much cooler today and although I don't see rain yet, it is grey out. The grass, on the other hand, has gotten huge and is a nice lush green! Either way, as you can see...."Spring is the time when "da bears" come out!"...(Kit is the April Mega Kit from One Single Seed...so much I can do with this set).

Yesterday we went to a very cool shop called One Up on the Southside and T got his first, brand spankin new Skateboard!!! Yes, I know....I am sure many of you are seeing hospital visits to come. However, if you had seen him his first time on a board and seen the absolute GLEE on his face you wouldn't have been able to resist that freckled smile either. I will post pics of the Boy and his Board soon. Even the people in the store were surprised he had good balance. He is always moving so much, maybe the board can just keep up with him??? LOL

His sister wants a scooter, she thinks the skateboard would be too difficult without something to hang on too. That is fine with me. She is planning for it and researching online too. I love the internet!

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  1. I haven't been out wandering for awhile and thought I'd come by to see what's up. You've redecorated!! Looks fantastic! Very altered art and very cool!